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This Webdexter® privacy policy, prepared on 01-11-2017 in Apeldoorn (The Netherlands), is applicable to the following domain names:


For the record, we speak in this privacy policy only about, the one who owns the previously mentioned domain names and the website you are visiting now. The domain names as shown above including their content will be discussed in this privacy statement as: website (s), website and / or this website.

Information regarding the privacy policy that applies to this website(s)
Obviously respects the privacy of all its users and the visitors of her websites and ensures there that the personal information you provide is confidential. Your data will only be used for essential services that you purchase from us. does not stores any personal information about you on our web server and / or website(s) other than you provide in your profile.

Personal information will not make any personal information about you available for third parties without your consent. places high demands on the processing of personal data and will therefore process the minimum necessary data on its website. This information will be sent to our by a secure connection thru SSL and can only be used by the staff and yourself. uses a 2048 SSL connection between the website(s) and the web server. The information you provide will therefore be encrypted offered to our web server.

This web site (s) does not store any data which is provided by e-mail or any forms on this website. stores only the required information which is provided by a visitor who has done an order in's webshop. This information like an adress, phone number and the users name is stored at's webserver. is known by the Dutch Federation for Protection Privacy Information (CBP - College Bescherming Persoonsgegevens). is not responsible for damage which is caused by the storage of this data.

Visitors statistics
This website uses techniques which can track visitors (Google Analytics). This data is used by to improve its website and to determine which sections of the website are visited. can only see how visitors use this web site, how they found this web site, or they have been referred, the country of origin of this websites visitors and total visitor numbers. Google Analytics does not record IP addresses and therefore it makes no specific infraction in your privacy (by Dutch law). is unable to see what websites you've visited before visiting this website. Only when you click to another website where is a link posted to the website of it is possible to see that the page containing this link state has referred you as a visitor. More about Google Analytics can be found here.

Besides that visitor statistics are available for this statistics are also accessable for Webdexter®.

Dutch cookie law
Article 11.7a of the Telecommunications Act which is part of the Dutch law (popularly called "The cookie law") has been in forced since June 2012. This law requires that every website which has visitors from Europe is informing their visitors about the cookies which are being placed on his and / or her computer and their functions. For certain cookies the visitor needs to give aprovement for placing them.

This website may in exceptional circumstances use cookies and other technologies on its website, but we try to minimize this as much as possible. This website uses cookies to improve the online experience for you and to determine which sections are visited at our website. When cookies are not accepted this website may not work at all.

Beside the cookies which are necessary for our website and E-commerce system whe are using cookies which are part of the Google Analytics system. This cookies are helping us to make this website better and more user friendly. It is important to know that Google Analytics is not collecting personal data like IP adressess or other information. The only data which is provided by Google Anaytics is session data which shows us the populair parts of the website and the time which is spend at our website.

Cookie based advertising
This website is using cookie based avertising in order to cover the costs.

Use of content or / and media from this website
It is prohibited to copy any content and use it for purposes were and / or Webdexter® is unaware about. Abuse of contact details listed on this website is strictly prohibited for any marketing details or other inrelevant goals.

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